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Bolton Emerson Americas, LLC Markets

Pulp and Paper

For more than 100 years Bolton Emerson Americas, LLC has provided the pulp and paper industry with machinery and wear items. Our specialty is handling high wet strength and other impossible to recover broke as well as pulping and refining non- wood fibers such as cotton, hemp, flax, and shoe board with our TORNADO/CLAFLIN combination. We provide wear items for all Jordan and CLAFLIN refiners as well as beater bars and bed plates. Our Magnitrap protects your downstream machinery from tramp metal and other impurities.


Our machinery is used for size reduction of a myriad of products including switch grass, carpets, municipal waste, straw, corn stover, forest products, bamboo, filter paper, flooring materials, kenaf, molded paper products, etc.

Biofuels and Biomass

Our machinery is used for size reduction of a myriad of feed stocks for biofuels and biomass pellets.


The Park Coater has been providing superior hot melt and pressure sensitive coating capabilities to the converting industry for over 50 years. From tag and label to packing list envelopes, to hot melt coated decorative foils and papers, the Park coater provides a uniform profile for all your converting needs. In addition our affiliated company, American Adhesive Coatings Company can formulate and manufacture hot melt adhesives to meet your every need. 

Furniture and Cabinets

Hot melt coated paper and foils are used for flat line lamination to MDF or particleboard with our TL-1060 laminator for the manufacture of kitchen cabinets, entertainment centers, stereo speakers, RTA furniture and more.