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JORDAN and CLAFLIN Fillings - Beater Bars and Bed Plates

When it comes to refiner wear items, Bolton Emerson Americas, Inc. supplies them all.

  1. Fillings for ALL makes of JORDANS.
  2. Multiple designs of CLAFLIN fillings.
  3. Complete line of beater bars and bed plates.

Microlyzed® Fillings, built for lasting service in all Jordans.


  1. Uniform fiber treatment
  2. Long periods of economical refinings
  3. Positive corrosion resistance from stainless steel
  4. Capacity to resist severe shock
  5. Units of maximum structural strength
  6. Even wear of plug and shell knives
  7. Protection from "wash outs"
  8. "Form fitting" shells
  9. Expert technical advisory service
  10. Fast, dependable deliveries
  11. Years ahead metalurgy packs hidden strength into every filling bar.

Photomicrostructural analysis and custom processing of high grade steels - heat treated and Bolton special stainless - give Microlyzed Jordan knives the edge over all the others. Bolton knives stand up to the severest punishment for long periods of uninterrupted service while providing desired stock treatment. Metallurgical quality control is rigidly maintained throughout every processing step from raw stock specification to heat treating to final testing before shipment. The result: a precisely controlled balance of hardness and wear resistance that virtually eliminates edge rounding and damage from shock impact.

There's a big difference in knives and the way they resist shock and wear. Click on More Images to see a condition that won’t happen to Bolton knives. Microlyzed Fillings give Bolton fillings the precise balance of wear resistance and toughness for long productive life.

The Finest Natural and Man-Made Separators

  1. Won't Wash Out or Wreck Under Severest Conditions

Bolton maple and bethabara woods are painstakingly selected for their low shrinkage, texture and density, Kiln-dried under rigidly controlled conditions, each lot is strength-tested before filling or shipping.

Wedgeless Plug Fillings

  1. Have A Long Record of Dependability

With holding power the full length of the plug, Wedgeless Fillings are unsurpassed in strength. There are no pins, rings or bands to break or loosen. Knives and woods are inserted endwise in standard size slots that take knives of any edge width, interchangeably.

Inverted Wedge Fillings

  1. Cut Filling Time 10%

Bolton's proven one piece filler of Duroid separates two knives in an improved, time-conserving approach to "lock-in" fillings. With only half as many strips as other makes, filling time is cut 10%. Removal is easily accomplished by prying Duroid strips up between knives in which taper widens from bottom to top.

Hydro Truss Shell Fillings

  1. Secure Fit in Older Jordans

Sectional shell fillings assembled on rods, provide excellent structural strength and long lasting service. Each shell section can be adjusted using wedges, to assure you of secure fit in older Jordans with shell housings that have begun to wash out. Sectional shell fillings are also more convenient to install in Jordans located in areas with limited working space.


  1. Installs in 15 Minutes

Boltobar is the one-piece answer to quick shell changes. Fifteen minutes is normally all it takes to install. Machined to close tolerances, Boltobar Fillings are fabricated from carefully selected straight grain woods and Microlyzed bars internally secured to insure durability for long, trouble-free Jordaning.

CLAFLIN Fillings

Long fiber cotton and other similar fibers are notorious for dewatering and plugging refiners. Bolton Emerson Americas developed "Cotton Entrance" which positively precludes any possibility of plugging.

Note that spiral dams effectively block the channels between the bars, thus causing fibers to cross the interface repeatedly, resulting in maximum uniformity of treatment. By insuring that all fibers transfer back and forth between the rotor and stator, fiber uniformity - and thus sheet quality - is significantly improved.