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About Bolton Emerson Americas

Bolton Emerson Americas, LLC is a private corporation selling its products and service worldwide to the pulp and paper, biofuels, biomass, recycling, converting and cabinet/furniture industries.

Over 100 years ago Bolton Emerson Americas began business as the Eagle Knife and Bar Company providing quality wear items for the pulp and paper industry, manufactured with the best materials available with consistently precise processes. Over the years, Bolton Emerson's pulp and paper division has divested itself of many ancillary product lines and is now concentrating on maintaining quality processes that made it famous by promoting equipment to improve the paper and other emerging industry's efficiency and bottom line.

One of the keys to our success is the introduction of our patented TORNADO pulping size reduction systems in some cases followed by our CLAFLIN refiner. No other pulper can do what the TORNADO can do for treatment of difficult recovery of wet strength broke either under the machine or off machine. In addition the TORNADO operates either on a batch or continuous basis, as the mill requires, for the efficient processing of non-woods such as cotton, hemp, flax and synthetic fibrous materials.

The Pulp and Paper Division also manufactures the Emerson Jordan, Magnitrap, Frazier screens as well as wear items such as Jordan and CLAFLIN fillings, TORNADO rotors and stators and spare parts for all Bolton Emerson Americas, LLC machinery.

In addition our Converting Machinery Division manufactures the well-known BEA/Park Hot Melt Coater available for application of hot melt thermal reactive coating and Coater/Laminators for pressure sensitive applications. We have also entered into the cabinet machinery business with the TL-1060 Laminator for thermal lamination of pre-coated papers for single or double sided flat line lamination of hot melt coated paper to various boards.

We believe our future lies in our determination to continue the standard of quality set by our founders many years ago and our commitment to help the new emerging industries, pulp and paper industry and the converting industry increase productivity through new applications of improved equipment. We also believe our continuing research plays an important role in assisting the industry toward new milestones of alternative fiber sources through recycling and more efficient pulping processes.

Bolton Emerson Americas is represented in North America by Lamcor Corp.